Wimmer Ferguson and other designer baby toys

Before Max was born, I thought that baby toys essentially fell into one of two categories: toys for boys or toys for girls. In compiling my baby shower registry I discovered a whole world dedicated to baby toys. Developmental, interactive, teethers, and crib toys just to name a few. I scoured the internet for “must haves”, reading numerous mommy blogs and best selling lists, in search of what to put on my registry for baby Max. The fact that my baby shower never happened is a story for another day, but what we have here is a list of toys/baby equipment I ended up purchasing myself and (mostly) liked. I’d never heard about before, but in summary they are interactive toys that have actual research studies to back them up. The following items I bought from Amazon since they were a lot cheaper than on the actual website.

1. Crawl and discover mat: I like this more than the traditional play mats because it’s comprised of mainly three colors that babies can see: red, black and white. Now that I know how a baby’s vision develops, I’m not sure why so many play mats are in pastel colors, rendering them a lot less stimulating and interesting than this one.

t233_446896e7c201542fcc50906bb757148d     photo 2

2. Infant Stim-Mobile: Same idea as the play mat, this mobile comes with various cards that you can change out once your baby starts seeing more colors. So far we’ve only used the black and white cards.
t233_16d0146b8b6969dbdd4e35c2c9e19a35    photo 1
3.3-in-1 : I probably wouldn’t buy this again because it’s kind of similar to the play mat, just smaller. It can also be attached to the side of the crib, which is what we did. So now Max is completely surrounded and has no choice but to look at something stimulating (lol).
t233_800ac2cc85c0a8d5685dc87ef92eef04   ( no pic of this in use, it’s on the side of the crib though!)
4. Look Look! : Seemingly simple, this book is actually awesome. While some of the images are downright terrifying to adults, babies seem fascinated by it (my baby at least). I just put him on my lap and show him the pictures, he loves it.
download   photo (1)


Max is only two months, so of course the “interaction” with toys is limited, but these are my favorite finds so far.





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